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Rehabilitation Fitness Goals

We can offer you a large variety of exercises suitable for regular exercisers, athletes, seniors, and wheelchair and rehabilitation users.

Active Aging Fitness

Personal training can help you with issues, including low-back pain, rehabilitation from injury, & pre/postnatal training. We can work with your physician, physical therapist, or other healthcare provider to plan a safe, efficient program that will speed your recovery or enable you to reach your health goals.

Personal Training

Our Fitness Professionals will help you meet your goals, you get fit & healthy your way!
Reduce body fat, shape & tone and be motivated!

“Taking charge of your health means putting you, not your to-do list,

First every single Day of the Week, Month, and Year”

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We Work Efficiently

Combining the right exercises in an efficient order to succeed your goals in half the time!

Training to Make Your Life Easier

Do it with your body and the mind will follow!

Injury Prevention

At Marathon Fitness, we are the Only Fitness Studio in Canada that uses HUR Health & Fitness Equipment!

Personal Training

One to One, Small group and Semi private training

Marathon Fitness: Stretching after workouts

15th Aug 2016

It is possible to gain flexibility with a very small volume of weekly stretching. The optimal duration of holding a stretch to increase flexibility is between 30 to 90 seconds...

HUR Health & Fitness Equipment: McGale Working the RHOMBs!

12th Jan 2016

Optimal Rhomb machine has been designed to target rhomboideus muscle group. This unit also has range limiters and isometric strength testing possibility. Check out the video! McGale working the RHOMBs...

HUR Fitness Machines: Building Bone and Preventing Falls

07th Jan 2016

HUR Fall Prevention Brochure - Canada After age 50, adults typically lose about 1% of their leg strength and 0.5% of their bone mineral density every year, which could lead...

Marathon Fitness – Eating chocolate occasionally!

08th Dec 2015

Sandy’s 8 Reasons to enjoy Chocolates!

HUR Canada at CSEP 2015

08th Dec 2015

HUR Health & Fitness Equipment had a fantastic time at CSEP 2015! "Where Science is the New Steel" The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) is the principal body for physical...

HUR Health & Fitness Equipment speeds up rehabilitation times and contributes to long, independent living

19th Nov 2014

HUR Exercise Fitness Equipment is proud to introduce HUR SmartTouch as the number one solution for the active-aging, rehabilitation & wellness centres catering to persons over the age of 40....

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