Stretches with Foam Roller


What is it?

Marathon Fitness’ Stretching with The Foam Roller Program is a One-on-One Private Workout using The Foam Roller to increase Range of Motion, limits Soreness and Tightness by increasing Blood Flow and Flexibility help to prevent Tight Muscles, reduce Risk of Injury and Inflammation. Stretching with The Foam Roller Program is offered as a 4 or 8 week Personal Training Specialty Program. You can register by email or call us at 416-252-6221.

Why is it best?

  • Makes the body slenderer and the figure more beautiful
  • Effectively reduces cellulite problems
  • Transforms into a theraputic sports therapy fitness program
  • Reduces inflammation, scar tissue and joint stress
  • Improves circulation and flexibility

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Fitness Training

  • Stretches: Grab a foam roller and speed up the recovery of aching muscles!
  • Shape: The foam roller is not just for stretching, we’ll use it to shape up!
  • Mobility: The exercises that you will be preforming will release muscle tightness, muscle knots and activate trigger points.
  • Size: One-on-one personal training will ensure that every exercise is more efficient and effective, putting you closer to your goals, whether you’re looking to build lean muscle or burn fat.

Weight Loss Maintenance

How long should your dieting phase last?

We will help you understand, keep you sane and motivate you to stay on your weight loss maintenance plan so that you achieve your weight loss goals and make this transition time easier and positive for you.

Following a weight loss maintenance phase consistently and properly will help you experience confidence and positive body compositions.

After dieting and successfully losing weight, learn how to incorporate “free” meals into your plan while maintaining your weight for weeks, months, years to come.

Explore Multiple Options to Help You Pursue Your Goals and Achieve Success

Pilates Mat Intensive

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Pilates for Mom

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Customized stretch workouts are always in demand and with the foam roller, we can tailor the most effective exercises to your goals keeping in mind fitness abilities, ages and levels.

Training Amenities

Specific programs are available for sports enthusiasts who want to build core strength and improve their golf drive; elite athletes who want to prevent or attend to injuries, rehab and prenatal clients who want to enhance their fitness abilities: new moms who want to get their pre-body shape back; and mature adults who simply want to make getting out of bed easier. With such an array of exercises available, we provide the necessary tools to help clients reach their goals, fitness training abilities, and implement new and exiting health and fitness into they daily routines by ofering core strength, functional fitness and muscle conditioning though more mindful movement.

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