Senior Fitness

Senior Fitness using HUR Fitness Equipment

Marathon Fitness uses the right fitness equipment for all abilities!

Senior Fitness Personal Training Program
HUR Fitness Equipment is used in professional, institutional, educational, medical facilities all over the world.
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Our Senior Fitness Personal Training program involves exercising on the HUR Fitness Air Resistant Machines. Our Personal Trainers will provide you with the right kind of muscular strength training that we all need, especially seniors or mature citizens, to maintain mobility and stay independent as long as possible.

We will organize and program the HUR Smart Touch computerized fitness equipment with your prescribed personalized fitness workout program. Each machine greets you by name, sets your resistance, counts your reps and adjusts your workouts, making your program progressively more challenging as you improve.

Every workout is recorded, so you’ll be able to see precisely how you have progressed over time.

What’s more, our HUR Fitness Equipment uses air resistance, not clunky weight stacks with low starting weights (100 grams) and each machine has been designed for the special requirements of a mature user.

The result is a challenging yet safer workout, with less stress and strain on joints and ligaments. No weight stacks also mean that you do not have to worry about the floor reinforcement or the noise that accompanies the dropping of weights. Senior Fitness Personal Training program is designed to make your workout fun and easy to use.